Top 5 Reasons to Partner with a Physician Practice Management Company

5 Proven Ways to Get More Patients

As a person running a private practice, you understand the enormous pressure of balancing exceptional patient care with special daily administration and staff management.

The stress of back office chores, paperwork, and burnout is (sadly) the norm for today’s doctors. Add to that the pressure from less time each doctor can spend with a patient and the threat of declining patient satisfaction and negative online reviews, and there often feels like there’s no relief.

Emergence is a turnkey private practice management service launched to give physicians a much-needed sense of hope. Providing services that unburden the doctors from the business of medicine and help grow their practice, Emergence helps inspire doctors to love practicing medicine again.

What do physician practice management companies (PPMCs) do?

As a medical practice, your number one priority is delivering the highest levels of patient care. Unfortunately, many other tasks within your medical practice take you away from your patients, negatively impacting the care you can provide.

PPMCs, like Emergence, are here to offer hope by empowering private practice physicians who want to get back to focusing on delivering meaningful health outcomes for their patients rather than grinding on the business's day-to-day operations.

A turnkey practice management solution, Emergence is putting the health back into health care, handling everything but the medicine so that physicians can come to the office and spend time where it’s needed most: with patients.

Our team relieves the stresses of

  • Back-office management
  • HR administration
  • Real estate management
  • Practice marketing
  • Clinic operations 
  • Claims filing and follow-up
  • Credentialing
  • Compliance and liability reduction
  • Financial services
  • Startup support

5 reasons why your medical practice needs a PPMC partner

Better patient care

The main reason why more private medical practices are turning to PPMC partners like Emergence is so their physicians can turn over the day-to-day jobs that steal time from patients to do the thing they’ve spent years perfecting: provide care.

  1. Streamlined admin support

Protect your time with patients by preventing daily administrative burdens from infiltrating your day at the office. With Emergence, you’ll change how you think about your back office. Through high-quality training and tools, we’ll ensure everyone on our team practices to the top of their scope.

  1. Improved practice revenue capture

Optimizing your revenue cycle requires investing upfront by building a team of disciplined and conditioned “athletes” and a playbook. Ultimately, a more rapid revenue capture will give doctors the peace of mind to invest in their practice and their patients. 

  1. New patient delivery

For medical practice success, good marketing is a must. A PPMC takes the stress of practice marketing out of your hands so you can do what you’re best at — caring for patients. Using a mix of traditional and digital platforms, including websites, social media, email newsletters, search engine optimization, and advertising, you'll reach more patients more often, so you get a consistent stream of new ones coming through your door.

  1. Exceptional customer service

When you partner with Emergence, they take the traditional clinical staffing model and turn it on its head. It starts with recruitment. They recruit, train, and continuously develop staff into a high functioning team, all of whom are there to serve both doctors and their patients as clients. Extending this customer service approach to doctors who partner with Emergence creates an accountable performance orientedenvironment that enables physicians to deliver the highest-quality healthcare to their patients.

  1. Strategic support

A significant problem for healthcare practices has been limited options to support a physician within a private practice grappling with the limitations of time and resources. When you partner with a PPMC like Emergence, you're leveraging their decades of experience as healthcare administrators, physicians, and back-end office staff for world-class organizations, delivering specialized strategic support across your practice.

Enjoy being a doctor (AGAIN)

Emergence Healthcare Group is a turnkey private practice management service to help doctors be doctors again. Each one of Emergence’s solutions provides doctors the tools and support that enables them to practice medicine to their highest aspiration. Find out how we can help.