Larry Cohen has been on a quest to help the human condition, starting in science and continuing in the business of medicine with Health2047 and Emergence.
The Emergence approach to revenue stewardship is a meticulous process based on transparency, forecasting, and attention to detail.
Michael Tutty is obsessed with helping doctors sustain long and fulfilling careers. We talked about his work with the AMA and Emergence.
The Emergence approach to back-office tasks is to own everything so that private practice doctors can spend more time with patients and less time worrying about everything else.
With a passion for healthcare and a background in data science, Suzanna Gluck discusses Emergence as an ecosystem for testing and delivering new technologies that can streamline the care, and the business, of medicine.
Right before the start of the new year, I stepped away from the holiday busy-ness to reflect on 2021. What a year! As each memory ticked by, the overwhelming feeling of gratitude came over me, quickly followed by ‘chomping at the bit’ excitement for what’s coming this year.
Dr. Rockson Liu is one of the nation’s top surgeons specializing in robotic hernia procedures — but you’d never know this by looking him up online.
“I’m so happy with the business that I’ve created,” Dr. Hillary Redlin says. “I’ve always wanted to be my own boss and enjoy the independence of setting my own schedule and priorities.”
Throughout his 40-year career as a medical administrator, Michael Engle — Chief Administrative Officer for Emergence Healthcare Group — has first-hand seen physician's challenges.
Physician burnout began well before the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2019, 79% of physicians across several specialties identified their burnout symptoms, a finding published in a WebMD/Medscape Market Research report. The cause? Bureaucracy within large systems or countless administrative tasks in private practice takes away a physician's autonomy to practice medicine.