Emergence: Where You Stand Out

Emergence: Where You Stand Out

We know your online presence is important - it’s how 75% of prospective patients decide how to choose their doctor. But, with most doctors on the edge of burnout, we know it’s something they just don’t have the energy to think about. 

That’s why Emergence offers individualized medical marketing services to every doctor who joins the team. Here’s a bit about what that means.

#1 The Right Place

We know doctors who have been in practice for years see their profiles littered across the internet in unexpected places. Pictures more than a decade old accompany outdated blurbs on medical group websites, and bios remain buried on hospital pages even when there’s no longer any affiliation. We’ll take those down, so patients know where to find you.

#2 The Right Information

We’ll make sure your profile reflects your specializations, certifications, and professional achievements. You’ve accomplished a lot, and Emergence can help demonstrate that.

#3 What Sets You Apart

Are you one of the top robotic surgeons in the region? Do you excel at treating a certain type of condition in patients? We’ll help tell that story.

#4 The Human Element

Patients want to build a relationship with their doctor. It improves health outcomes, and is good for the doctor’s health, too. That’s why we’ll make sure your profile reflects who you are, so patients can get to know you on a more personal level.

#5 The Right People

Now that your profile is stellar, we’ll help make sure it gets in front of the right people. With the extra time you’re gained after joining Emergence, you’ll be able to bring more patients into your practice - and we can help make that a reality.