Frequently Asked Questions

Is Emergence a Medical Group?

No. We are not healthcare providers or employers. You (assuming that you’re a doctor!) are our customers. We provide billing, human resources, clinic space management, accounting, IT, and marketing support and services. You provide medical expertise.

How does Emergence Healthcare Group pricing work?

After signing up, you pick when and where you’d like to practice. EHG charges a percentage of gross collections with a minimal daily rate.

So, are there monthly fees or hidden costs?

No. Our pricing model is simple, straightforward, and transparent — you take care of your patients, we handle the back-end magic. You get paid, then we get paid.

How much does Emergence cost?

Our model costs less than what you currently pay to run and manage your practice (as a percentage of gross collections).

Can I practice in any Emergence location?

Yes, as long as the days and locations are available. Each site includes the same clinic systems and infrastructure, so you walk in and doctor. There are no transfer costs to practice in a new office.

Is there anything else I should know about the cost of Emergence?

Not really. You should know that you’re about to get back all that time it used to take to run your business. Do with that information what you want.

What do I do with all of my current furniture and equipment?

We can help you sell or donate any or all of it. We provide standard diagnostic equipment and will work with you to add the equipment you need for your practice to our locations.

What if I’m locked into a lease?

Assuming your Lessor is agreeable, we can arrange to start in your current practice location and transfer responsibility to Emergence. Our Master Service Agreement would reflect the same lease period.

How much does it cost if I didn’t have practice costs as an employed physician?

We will base the rate on the average for your specialty and “true-up” once your practice reaches a predetermined size.

What if I have to re-credential?

You’re covered.

How can I get more information about what you offer?

We are happy to answer your questions - please get in touch with a member of our team by visiting the Contact Us page.