Good For Doctors, Good For Patients, Good For Business.

Good For Physicians, Good For Patients, Good For Business.

Imagine the future: You’ve finally left the hospital grind, or maybe you’ve just offloaded your daily practice management work to Emergence. Now you have more time on your hands. You’re getting enough sleep, you’re going outside every day, and maybe you’re even picking up a new hobby.

And you might be starting to remember why you became a physician in the first place. 

But partnering with Emergence isn’t only good for you. It’s good for your patients - and for business. Read on to learn why.

#1 - Deeper Relationships = Better Outcomes

Remember all that free time we mentioned? When physicians have time to develop meaningful, compassionate relationships with patients, patients experience better health outcomes — and it’s good for physicians, too. There’s a whole book on the power of compassion in the doctor’s office, and we think it’s worth a read. While this once may have sounded like a pipe dream, with Emergence it’s a reality.

#2 - Streamlined Experiences = Patient Retention

Today, patients are more likely to change practitioners than ever before. In a report by NRC health 80% of patients surveyed said “they’d switch physicians for convenience factors alone.” This means patients don’t just stick with their doctor because of positive relationships alone. They want a seamless experience, from appointment scheduling to bill payment, if they’re going to keep coming back. And that’s exactly what Emergence provides.

#3 - Strong Online Presence = More Patients 

When it comes to recruiting patients, word of mouth is important - but it’s not everything. According to patient pop, 75% of patients used information they found online, including reviews, to choose their doctor. Emergence not only helps you keep your patients happy (and those positive reviews coming in); we also offer individualized marketing services so you can finally have that up-to-date profile that truly reflects all you have to offer.

Good for you, good for your patients — and good for business.