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Ideal Medical Office Space Should Check off These Four Boxes

Finding, leasing, equipping, and maintaining medical office space is one of the top pain points we hear from physicians. And, with the rise of virtual visits, providing a welcoming space that maximizes time and experiences for both physicians and patients is more important than ever. 

And we don’t see medical office space as a cost — we see it as an essential revenue driver. When optimized for efficiency and comfort, it makes patients and practitioners alike want to come through the door, even as virtual office visits become a mainstay.

Over the last several years, we’ve had conversations with dozens of private practice physicians to ask: what do physicians want in an ideal medical office space? We combined these responses with a deep dive into workspace design across industries to develop medical offices that work the way physicians want them to.

The best medical office space should check the following four boxes — and is what Emergence offers in its new clinic spaces:


  1. Maximized Efficiencies.

    Our floorplans make it easy for physicians to find their staff (and vice versa) and eliminate the long, maze-like hallways that patients have to navigate on their way to the exam room. These floorplans help physicians maximize their time with patients, make it easier to collaborate with colleagues, and ensure patients spend less time waiting at the doctor’s office.

  2. Convenience

    .Our offices are located in walkable, highly-trafficked locations so that patients can grab a coffee, do some shopping, and drop into the doctor’s office all in a single afternoon. Our locations mean patients spend less time away from their daily lives, and physicians have a much better commute to the office.

  3. A Calming Atmosphere.

    In addition to carefully-selected colors and designs that reduce anxiety, we offer as much transparency in our spaces as possible — without compromising privacy. By providing safe, comfortable environments that facilitate communication between patients and physicians, patients feel more secure, comforted, and cared for — and physicians can maximize the effectiveness of their in-person patient visits.

  4. Designed for Delivering Medicine.

    From exam room size to construction materials, medical offices have highly-specialized needs that do not exist in traditional office spaces. Physicians benefit from accessing modern spaces developed from scratch to provide the best experience possible. We think you’ll love practicing medicine at Emergence, considering that’s all you’ll have to worry about here!

We invite you to see how these features come to life at Emergence’s newly-launched San Francisco clinic space. Let us know when you want to visit. We’re also in the process of building out a location in San Ramon. More news on that to come!