Dr Rockson Liu of Emergence Healthcare Group

Meet Dr. Rockson Liu, Physician Advisor for Emergence Healthcare Group

Dr. Rockson Liu is one of the nation’s top surgeons specializing in robotic hernia procedures — but you’d never know this by looking him up online.

“​​Doctors are not interchangeable, and patients should be afforded a choice. But today, patients with complicated hernia cases who’d like to take advantage of less-invasive procedures aren’t aware of their options. This not only takes away the ability for patients to choose — it keeps people from walking through the door to my practice.”

He used to practice in a large hospital group but now is a partner in a medium-sized practice — another thing you wouldn’t be able to determine through a simple search. The lack of accurate, easily-searchable information about him online is just one of the pain points he experiences as a practicing physician.

Dr. Liu is bringing these learnings into Emergence’s practice management model as a Physician Advisor. We check in with him to hear more about his experiences and perspectives.

What inspired you to leave a large hospital group to pursue a smaller practice environment?

I wanted to access the newest, most effective medical technologies and the latest robotics to bring the highest-quality medical care to patients, which wasn’t happening at a large hospital group. At my current group, I have the opportunity to use this technology and have the flexibility to teach and train surgeons across the country on how to use it.

Is there a reason you aren’t currently in private practice?

There are a number of reasons I haven’t taken the leap yet. First and foremost, right after I graduated from medical school, I didn’t even know it was a viable option. Even if I had, there weren’t any easily-accessible role models who could have provided me guidance on how to open a private practice. I see a real opportunity to give young doctors role models who can help guide them into independent practice and all its benefits.

By the time I decided to leave my large medical group, I didn’t even consider private practice because of the amount of work, and risk, in doing so. And before Emergence, I just didn’t see anything on the market that could accommodate the needs of a surgeon.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face in your group practice that Emergence can address?

One of the things we struggle with is patient recruitment, largely because we cannot dedicate any resources to marketing our specialties. Emergence is addressing that, allowing doctors to focus on learning the latest technologies and serving their patients, rather than trying to bring more people through the door.

We also sometimes experience challenges finding qualified medical assistants and office managers because they are in such high demand. As Emergence takes on this responsibility, it will greatly benefit physicians.

Why do you think now is the time for something like Emergence?

Things are changing for doctors and patients. There are expectations for an incredibly streamlined experience on the patient side, including access to the latest communications technologies and more choices with concierge health services.

Small and individual practices need to meet these needs, but finding and implementing new technologies, managing office renovations, or attracting new patients is a heavy lift. It’s a huge investment of time and money that most practices simply can’t afford.

At the same time, the quality of life for doctors is deteriorating, and many are ready to practice medicine in a new way — or else are considering leaving the field entirely.

I believe Emergence is the answer to these trends because it offers a solution to doctors seeking more flexibility to pursue the technology, lifestyle, and practice they want. And I’m happy to have the opportunity to shape the Emergence model, one which I think will become the new norm for practicing medicine.