new approach to practice

A New Approach to Practice Administration

The Emergence approach to back-office tasks is to own everything so that private practice doctors can spend more time with patients and less time worrying about everything else.

Medical school is a great place to learn how to care for people. It’s not the best place to learn how to run a business, though. So, it’s not surprising that many private practice doctors feel overwhelmed and confused by back-office tasks that steal time from patient care.

The burdens of practice administration are getting so heavy that many doctors are giving up their hard-earned independence to join hospital or medical groups or are resigning from medicine altogether.

We have a better way.

The Emergence approach to Administrative Support removes the blocks that private practice doctors face and their stresses while running a business. We take over the administrative burdens to turn them into a resource for doctors rather than a headache.

Making EHR Management Easy

Medical staffs turn to EHR to help manage care plans and store patient information and manage the workflows of any practice. We know that these everyday tools are crucial to a well-running private practice. At the same time, we know these systems cause as much angst as they do help. 

We remove the need for doctors to interact with these systems by hiring and training excellent medical assistants who take over the patient visit documentation and coding tasks. Of course, doctors have complete visibility into our systems, but the input of information is no longer your responsibility.

Our goal is to deliver a resource that you can lean on but never worry about again.

The Art of Human Resources

The beauty and strength of private practice is that doctors build life-long relationships with their patients. The right medical assistant and office staff add additional nuances when patients visit their doctor.

We look for compassionate, smart, and dedicated people to help doctors deliver the highest quality of care. We offer training, competitive rates, and strong benefits to ensure doctors can spend more time with patients than thinking about what the staff is doing. 

Technology that Makes Patient Visits Easy

One of the great conveniences of technology is that things like scheduling, checking-in, and follow-ups are more effortless. We’ve studied all types of businesses and adopted best practices to make a patient’s experience thoughtful and seamless.

Adding this technology to where doctors work ensures that attention is paid to the patient and not paperwork. 

We intend to make a doctor’s day-to-day work life as burden-free as possible to return the time stolen from them and their patients. After all, patients go to the doctor’s office to see the doctor. More patient attention from doctors equals happier patients.