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Throughout his 40-year career as a medical administrator, Michael Engle — Chief Administrative Officer for Emergence Healthcare Group — has first-hand seen physician's challenges.
Physician burnout began well before the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2019, 79% of physicians across several specialties identified their burnout symptoms, a finding published in a WebMD/Medscape Market Research report. The cause? Bureaucracy within large systems or countless administrative tasks in private practice takes away a physician's autonomy to practice medicine.
Finding, leasing, equipping, and maintaining medical office space is one of the top pain points we hear from physicians. And, with the rise of virtual visits, providing a welcoming space that maximizes time and experiences for both physicians and patients is more important than ever.
Imagine the future: You’ve finally left the hospital grind, or maybe you’ve just offloaded your daily practice management work to Emergence. Now you have more time on your hands. You’re getting enough sleep, you’re going outside every day, and maybe you’re even picking up a new hobby.
We know your online presence is important - it’s how 75% of prospective patients decide how to choose their doctor. But, with most doctors on the edge of burnout, we know it’s something they just don’t have the energy to think about. That’s why Emergence offers individualized marketing services to every doctor who joins the team. Here’s a bit about what that means.
Jae Chun, founder and CEO of Emergence Healthcare Group, brings a career full of experience into this new way of combating physician burnout. Read on to learn more about Jae's inspiration and why he believes Emergence will help physicians love being physicians again.
Just practicing medicine and caring for patients is its own profession, and getting harder to do just that. You know that, and we know that. Emergence is here to help. Read on to learn more.
Health2047 Inc., the Silicon Valley-based innovation subsidiary of the American Medical Association (AMA), has spun out its portfolio company Emergence Healthcare Group (“Emergence”). Applying the most innovative models inside and outside of healthcare, Emergence offers the first turnkey practice solution designed to enable greater physician autonomy by relieving them of administrative burdens and financial pressures intrinsic to today’s private practice.