The New Way to
Own Your Practice.

Emergence Healthcare Group is a physician-centered comprehensive practice management platform. Emergence helps doctors manage their practice, retain professional autonomy, and grow their practice.

The answer to why Emergence is clear: medical school is a great place to learn medicine — but not business administration, accounting, marketing, or human resources. That’s what we do. 

How We Help Today's Physicians .

Revenue Cycle

Let us improve your practice revenue capture and act as your insurance company liaison.

Human Resources

We hire, train, and manage non-medical staff at each Emergence location.

Clinic Space

Emergence leases, equips, and manages modern clinics with no startup costs to you.

Back Office

We handle all the billing, payroll, taxes, revenue, and monthly Profit and Loss reports.


Take advantage of our HIPAA-compliant systems and communications platforms.


Experience the benefits of steady digital marketing and communications efforts.

What Emergence Costs.

Your Growth Is Our Success.

Emergence Healthcare Group operates under a straightforward pricing model:
We charge a percentage of a private practice’s gross charges on a sliding scale. That’s it.