The care back in healthcare.

Emergence Healthcare Group provides an entirely new approach to healthcare with the guiding mission of removing any barrier from doctors spending time with patients. We do this with a turnkey practice management solution that handles everything but the medicine so that doctors can come to the office and spend time where it’s needed most: with patients.

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How We Help Today's Physicians.

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Clinic Space

Streamlined check-in, shorter wait times, comfortable spaces for real connections.


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Admin Support

EHR, HR, Revenue Cycle, IT, and all the things it takes to run a practice. 


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Clinic Staff

Who are focused on helping patients and doctors alike with medical expertise.


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Modern Design

Each clinic has the latest medical and diagnostic equipment.


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Marketing Services

Promote your practice, communicate to your patients, and build loyalty.


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Revenue Management

Improve practice revenue capture and turn over insurance company communications.


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Are you ready for a new way?

Doctors who bring the Emergence solution into their private practice are looking beyond the status quo and bringing a positive change into their work lives. These doctors are turning over the day-to-day jobs that steal time from patients to do the thing they’ve spent years perfecting: provide care. Moreover, doctors relying on Emergence inspire the industry to change the dynamic and love being doctors again.