Rethinking Revenue

Revenue Cycle Stewardship

Discipline, training and practicing the fundamentals. If it sounds like an athlete preparing to compete, it’s because it takes a similar approach with insurance companies to win and get paid for the service you’ve already provided. Optimizing your revenue cycle requires investing up front by building a team of “athletes” and a playbook. Ultimately, a more rapid revenue capture will give doctors the peace of mind to invest in their practice and their patients. 

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Service Buckets

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You get paid because we get it right the first time.

Our highly-trained Medical Assistants, workflow, and quality controls help to get claims paid the first time, not the sixth. We provide the technology and tools for our staff to collect co-pays at the point of service. This includes working with insurance companies to confirm eligibility and coverage by the time of their visit, not after they’ve left the building.

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Money where it’s needed.

Emergence optimizes revenue and reinvests it into products and services that remove daily clerical and business demands, protecting your time with patients.

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Insights at your fingertips.

Monthly financial reports, patient data, and practice performance metrics are readily available so you can get a complete picture of your practice, identify what’s working well, and what could be improved.

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When you grow, we do too.

Emergence has every incentive to help you succeed because we only get paid – and grow – when you do.

What Emergence Costs.

Your Growth Is Our Success.

Emergence Healthcare Group operates under a straightforward pricing model:

We charge a percentage of a private practice’s gross charges on a sliding scale. That’s it.