Improve Business Processes & Revenues

Emergence is for doctors looking to have better business results. Our team maximizes efficiencies and delivers results.

Remove The Stress Of Practice Management

The physicians we talk to list back-office management as a top stressor. We handle those chores to return hours in your day.

Inspire Patient Loyalty & Grow Your Business

When you only have to think about patient care, then you have happier and healthier patients who tell all their friends.

Build Your Own Schedule
& Calendar

We're establishing clinics where our doctors — and their patients — want to be, freeing up time and adding freedom to your schedule.

Welcome To
Emergence Healthcare Group

Doctors have long had to choose between the independence of private practice and the perceived advantage of corporate medical groups. We believe there’s a better way — introducing Emergence Healthcare Group. Emergence is a turnkey private practice management service tailored for doctors yearning to spend time with patients and not paperwork. Independent physicians, group practices, and new doctors looking for a different approach will find our solution a perfect complement to their desire to be doctors (again). We handle everything but the medicine.



Designed with
You In Mind.

We provide modern clinic space and administrative staff designed around how doctors practice.


Leave the Backend
Stuff to Us.

Let us handle the things that steal time away from you taking care of your patients.



Your time.

See more patients, spend time at home, or pick up a hobby with the time you get back by working with Emergence.

“We launched Emergence because the physicians I know need a sense of hope. Burnout, paperwork, and office management are the norm. We knew we could do better. We have.”

Jae Chun, Founder. CEO

How We Help

The Emergence suite of services frees doctors from administrative burdens and facilitates growth to inspire a thriving and harmonious private practice.

emergence_clinic space

Clinic Space.

Lease, manage, and outfit modern clinics to help you expand your practice.


Human Resources.

Hire, train, and manage the non-clinical staff and administration for Emergence clinics.


Back Office.

Manage revenue cycles, monthly billing, payroll, taxes, P&Ls and accounting services.

marketing concept with financial graph and chart


Reach new patients and opportunities with digital, traditional, and social media efforts.